What is a Live Escape Game?

Many people ask us: what is a Live Escape Game?

Also called: Escape Room, Live Escape, Exit Game or Exit Room?

The answer is relatively simple: You will be locked into a room for 60 minutes and will have to solve different puzzles to get out of the room in the end.


This new free time activity in Europe originally comes from Hungary more precisely from Budapest. Seen internationally this trend comes from Japan. Since 2007 people get locked into these games and are watched by the game masters while solving the puzzles.


There are different ways of solving the Puzzles. Almost all Games have a story that make the game more exciting and the goal to solve all puzzles more plausible.


Also the styles of puzzles are different. There are normal locks like key locks or combination locks that everyone knows from home, the gym or the pools. Additionally, there are numerous other possibilities to hide or lock in things (through technology) until the player does something specific to open the mechanism. Puzzles made with technology are very popular because the “wow!” moment is experienced more often.


Escape Game Düsseldorf


Our Team can always see everything happening through a monitor during the game. If you happen to not know any further, we will help you by giving hints. The group is by itself at any time during the game.


A Live Escape Game can have different levels of difficulty and creepiness. This is why it is hard to give recommendations concerning the minimum age. At Locked Room Düsseldorf children/adolescent with an age of about 14 can play. Anyhow, a permission signed by the legal guardians should be on hand.


Because of the required communication during the game and the joint experience a Live Escape Game is perfect for Teambuilding. This is why our clients book our games for Teambuilding events, bachelor/ette parties, Christmas parties or works outings. It is also suitable for bigger groups as the games strengthen and encourage the team sensation and solidarity.


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