Serial Killer - teamescape

The thematically complex team escape game in Düsseldorf

Special features

Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Besonderheit

This is the first game of our sequence "Serial Killer" storywise. However all games are independent so you don't need the knowledge of other games.


You will find multiple rooms and puzzles that you have to solve to bring the story to a happy ending (for now). 


Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Story

 There have been several murders of young women in and around Düsseldorf in the last few days. The police has captured a suspect. In one hour the committing magistrate will sentence him. If you don't find the murder weapon in time, the serial killer will be released and you might be the next victim.


Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Spieler

The game “Serial Killer“ is designed for 2 to 7 people.


We do make exceptions if you wish. Please contact us in beforehand.

Standort Oberbilk

 Kölner Straße 286

40227 Düsseldorf


Serial Killer - die ersten Opfer
Serial Killer - die offene Rechnung
Secret Lab

Standort Derendorf

 Rather Straße 1

40476 Düsseldorf



Museum (coming soon)


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