Serial Killer - Live Escape Game

The thematically complex live escape game in Düsseldorf

Live Escape Düsseldorf - Serial Killer

Special features

Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Besonderheit

You will find multiple rooms of fun mysteries which are waiting for you to be solved. All puzzles are story based. The rooms are furnished with attention to details and hold many unexpected things.


Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Story

A serial killer has been on the loose in and around Düsseldorf. A suspect has been arrested. In one hour the judge has to decide about further actions. The most important thing is still missing though: THE MURDER WEAPON.

Can you find it within 60 minutes?


Live Escape Düsseldorf - die Spieler

The game “Serial Killer“ is designed for 2 to 6 Persons.


We do make exceptions if you wish. Please contact us in beforehand.