Secret Lab - Exit Game

Exit Game Düsseldorf - Secret Lab

Special features

In this escape game with multiple rooms which are equipped with a lot of technic, your abilities will be challenged. 

All puzzles are story based. The rooms are also customized to the topic with effort.


What it is in the house, which has been empty for years now? Neighbors think the house is being used by drug addicts. Another suspicion is, that criminal organizations are active in the building.  It's on you now to solve the mystery.


The game “Secret Lab“ is designed for 2 to 7 People.


We do make exceptions if you wish. Please contact us in beforehand.

Standort Oberbilk

 Kölner Straße 286

40227 Düsseldorf


Serial Killer - die ersten Opfer
Serial Killer - die offene Rechnung
Secret Lab

Standort Derendorf

 Rather Straße 1

40476 Düsseldorf



Museum (coming soon)


Festnetz: 0211/91198620
Mobil: 0177/4840042


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