Escape Rooms - FAQs

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What is A Live Escape Game?


A Live Escape Game is the newest trend concerning free time activities. This idea originally comes from a computer game. There you have to find different objects and clues to be able to open the exit door.

This idea now became reality. You will get “locked“ into a room, which is furnished according to the rooms theme. Your mission will be to play through the story and solve all the puzzles in order to open the exit door.

The games are also called Escape Room, Exit Room or Exit Game.




For whom is Locked Room Düsseldorf suitable?


If you like solving puzzles and are looking for a fun group experience and team-event, you needn’t look further.

Children and teenager are very welcome. Adolescents, over the age of 14 can play by themselves. We recommend that children that are younger play with their parents, as some of our mysteries are quite hard to solve ;-).

There is no age limit upwards. We have already welcomed a more generation family, whereas the oldest was 88 years old and the youngest was 13 years old.



What do I have to bring?


The most important thing you have to bring is fun. Additionally you will have to bring at least one more Person. We will provide you with everything else. You will not need any special objects – no compass, no UV-lamp, no pen and paper. Everything you will need to succeed you will find in our rooms (except your brain... you will have to bring that yourself)



I am afraid of locked rooms. Should I be worried?



As the door will get locked we built in safety precaution systems. If you do not feel well or in case of a different emergency, you as the player can open the doors immediately from inside by pressing the “panic button“. From the outside we can also react immediately and open the door for you. Thus you can always get out.



How long does one game take?


One game takes a maximum of 60 minutes. Before you can start solving puzzles, our game masters will shortly introduce you to our game. Therefore we ask you to arrive 15 minutes previous to your booked appointment so we can start with the game on time. In total you will be in our location for about 1 ½ hours.



How can I pay?  


We can offer you three different ways to pay. You can choose while you are booking online, whether you want to pay later in our location or via PayPal, online. When paying in our location you can choose between paying cash or per Debit-card. Sadly we cannot accept credit cards.



What does a game cost?


Please find our prices here. We also give student discounts.



I am physically restricted can I play anyway?


We are very sorry that we cannot guarantee the same fun for physically restricted people, because of the layout of our games. Therefore please contact us in beforehand, so we can determine the possibilities.



Can I buy gift cards?


Yes. You can even buy them directly online. Just go to our page ”gift cards”. Just book any time. You are not bound to that time. You will receive a gift card with your personal code by e-mail or mail. The recipient can just put in the code when booking online.



How can I cancel my reservation?


If you cancel the booking 30 days in beforehand you will receive 100% of your payment back. Between 29 and 20 days, 19 and 10 days and 9 days and 72 hours we will reduce the payment you will get back by 25% each period. If you wish to cancel your booking later than 72 hours in advance or do not show up on time, we cannot refund you. To be able to guarantee the next group a punctual start as well we unfortunately cannot carry out your booking if you are more than 15 minutes late. So please be on time (15 minutes before the start of the game) for your appointment.



What is the best way to get to you?


Look at "find us".