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Teambuilding Düsseldorf




















We organize indoor company team buildings. In order to escape from our room, strong cooperation and shared thinking is inevitable. To complete the tasks within the time limit, teams with good team work is needed, therefore the approximately 1 hour escape game can forge a good team bond between the members.


Up to 30 persons can play in the same time. With greater numbers of players the teams can start deferred. During the waiting we can offer drink packages.


Standort Oberbilk

 Kölner Straße 286

40227 Düsseldorf


Serial Killer - die ersten Opfer
Serial Killer - die offene Rechnung
Secret Lab

Standort Derendorf

 Rather Straße 1

40476 Düsseldorf



Museum (coming soon)


Festnetz: 0211/91198620
Mobil: 0177/4840042


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Wir sind offizielles und aktives Mitglied des Fachverbandes für Live Escape und Adventure Games