Exit Room: Motel

Probably the technically most elaborate room in Düsseldorf

Exit Room Düsseldorf - Motel

Special features

Exit Room Düsseldorf - das Besondere

You will find multiple rooms of fun mysteries which are waiting for you to be solved. All puzzles are story based. The rooms are furnished with attention to details. The game is equipped with a lot of technic so you will never get bored.


Exit Room Düsseldorf - die Story

You are the consultants of Mr. Thompson, an important politician, who is visiting Düsseldorf. In 60 minutes he is supposed to hold an important presentation but he is nowhere to be found.

Last he was seen in the “Blue Merrit Motel“ in his Room 140.

Can you find Mr. Thompson?


Exit Room Düsseldorf - die Spieler

The game “Motel“ is designed for 2 to 6 Persons.


We do make exceptions if you wish. Please contact us in beforehand.