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Serial Killer


The next victim is already targeted...


Try to prevent the already-planned murder which has been set up by a crazy psychopath. The killer's identity has not yet been revealed but he/she has committed multiple murders. Evidences show that the killer is leaving some clues behind. Follow this trail to catch the killer!


60 minutes 

2 - 6 players 


60 minutes in the cursed motel room!


The motel room, where no-one can stay for over an hour. You plan to investigate the series of mysterious disappearences in the motel room. Arriving at the scene, it turns out that many suicides happened in the cursed room.

Could it be that these cases were not really suicide? Will you manage to get out alive?


60 minutes 

2 - 6 players 

Secret Lab

 Mysterious activities in the abandoned house.


What is hidden in the house standing empty for many years and who is in the interest of the area to drive away all pry? One theory is that the empty and dilapidated house has become alcoholics' and drug consumers' nest, but based on others' opinion a criminal organization is active in the building.

Twists and surprises which leads to an unexpected outcome of this story!


60 minutes 

2 - 6 players 


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