Serial Killer - live escape game

The thematically complex live escape game in Düsseldorf

Special features

Exit Room Düsseldorf - das Besondere

This is the second game of the sequence "Serial Killer" storywise. However all games are independent so you don't need the knowledge of other games. 



Important: You should not be claustrophobic nor be afraid of complete darkness. Because we are playing in a real basement, you should dress accordingly.



Exit Room Düsseldorf - die Story

 15 years after the serial killer has been put into jail with your help, he now is free again. His craving for revenge has been growing since. Now he has kidnapped you and locked you into his basement. Will you be able to escape from his cellar before the serial killer will murder his next victim?


Exit Room Düsseldorf - die Spieler

The game “Serial Killer“ is designed for 2 to 7 people.


we recommend a group size of 4 players. 


Because of the structural conditions your group unfortunately cannot be bigger than than 4 people.