Want to have a cool team event in düsseldorf?

You want to do something fun with your colleagues in your freetime?

You want to experience a Highlight together with your group to forget the everyday stress?

You are looking for an unforgettable company event?

It shouldn't be something that takes up your whole evening but still supports the team building?


Then you are exactly right with us!

References for company events (to name just a few)

Special offers for company events

You would like to play with a bigger group?

We are happy to make you a great offer. We are working together with a partner from the gastronomy in order to being able to making your company event special. We can offer you a great all inclusive package containing our Escape Games and a comfortable evening in a restaurant. 

just contact us!

Standort Oberbilk

 Kölner Straße 286

40227 Düsseldorf


Serial Killer - die ersten Opfer
Serial Killer - die offene Rechnung
Secret Lab

Standort Derendorf

 Rather Straße 1

40476 Düsseldorf



Museum (coming soon)


Festnetz: 0211/91198620
Mobil: 0177/4840042


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Wir sind offizielles und aktives Mitglied des Fachverbandes für Live Escape und Adventure Games